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    1. What You'll Learn in this Course

    1. Criteria for a "Good Niche" - DON'T SKIP

    2. Other Important Considerations Before Choosing a Niche

    1. ChatGPT (the Prompts I Use)

    2. Filter High-Performing Site Lists

    3. UGC First-Page Rankings

    4. "Mine" Affiliate Program Sites

    5. Niche Site Idea Lists

    6. Your Eyes

    7. Online Marketplaces/Stores

    8. Website Listings

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  • 11 lessons

What you'll learn

Selecting the right niche can save you from YEARS of wasted time and effort.

  • The six criteria a niche should meet to be worth pursuing (and how to check a niche for each)

  • Three important considerations before choosing a niche that depend on your situation

  • Eight tried-and-true methods of uncovering new niche ideas


Ian H

My name is Ian and I've been building niche sites for 7 years. I'm the founder of Curated Keywords (a done-for-you keyword research agency) and Curated Niches (a list of niches with tons of opportunity). I also run a few small niche sites. In the past, I grew a niche site to a six-figure valuation and sold another site I started from scratch for low five-figures. In Niche Discovery Formula, I share everything I know about finding good niches after years of experience and countless hours of practice. You can learn more about me over at my blog ( or on Twitter (my username is @IanNicheSites).